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Kozen-ji Buddhist Temple in Samukawa
Kozen-ji Temple

Kozenji is located next to Samukawa-Jinja (the Shinto Shrine), about 30 km west of Yokohama in Kanagawa prefecture,
・ Kozen-ji is a temple of the Soto sect of Zen Buddhism, whose founder is Dogen Zenji (1200-1253).
・ Kozen-ji was founded by Revd. Eigan Rintetsu in 1597
Explanatory yard in the Kozen-ji

Over 2,500 years ago Shakyamuni sat in meditation under the Bodhi Tree at Bodhgaya, and on the morning of the eighth day experienced full enlightenment. This was the true beginning of Buddhism.
Bon Ceremony in Kozenji Temple   2007/7/24

Bon Ceremony in Kozenji Temple 2007/7/24

Sitting in meditation is known as zazen in the Zen school, with za (坐)meaning to sit and zen(禅) meaning “meditation”.
The purpose of Zen is to awaken to the Bodhisatva within us. This perception ,also
My two disciples, my son and my nephew, are leading their very strict zen life in Eiheiji-temple( established in 1244) and Sojiji-temple which are two head monastries of the Soto sect of Buddhism in Japan. Both temples are regarded as most influential Zen temple in the world. There are about 100- 150 young zen students in Eiheiji and Sojiji temples, where they will usually stay and practice for a few years without going home except for special cases to be a Buddhist priest. My son, Shin-ei Kikuchi,this spring, graduated from Komazawa University in Tokyo which is one of the biggest university in Japan ,but originally established as a academy of Zen Buddhism of our Soto School.
Jizo-Bon Ceremony

In Japan , Ksitigarbha、often known by the Japaneze name Jizo or Ojizo-sama , is one of the most popular Buddha statues , usually depicted as a Buddhist monk in appearance. Traditionally he is recognized as the guardian of children.
Jizo-Bon Ceremony
This Ojizo-sama with babies around the body is called Mizuko Jizo, that is worshipped as the guardian of the souls of miscarried or aborted fetuses. It is traditionally said that the souls of children who die before their parents, wouldn’t be able to cross the mythical Sanzu River on their way to Buddhists’ paradise ,for they have not had the chance to accumulate their good deeds in this world and they had their parents unhappy.
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